The OsGuard Collection from VersoTela includes a selection of durable PU upholstery coverings in a variety of colours, all with the stylish appeal of leather grain.

OsGuard is well suited to commercial settings where durability and hygiene is key, its high-performance specifications make it the ideal choice for hotels and healthcare facilities.

All VersoTela fabrics come standard with a suite of high-end specifications such as antimicrobial coatings, mold resistance, scratch resistance and fire resistance.


Antifungal Treatment: Tested with AATCC Test Method 30-2013, TEST III: Agar Plate: Aspergillus.  – All tests passed

Antibacterial Treatment: Tested with AATCC Test method 147-2011.  – All tests passed

Fire Retardant: Tested to Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1988 with amendments in 1989, 1993 and 2010 of UK.  – All tests passed.

Durable: Physical properties tested with GB/T8948-2008 and Martindale Method with no significant wear after 100,000 rubs.

Composition: 90% PU, 10% Polyester. Gauge: 1.0mm+



OsGuard Care Card